Budgeting For a Baby: 75 Ways to Save Money With a Baby

Save Money With a BabyBudgeting for a baby is something every family has had to do at some point . . .

and it is way more expensive than first time parents ever imagined!

Follow my ultimate guide of 75 ways to save money with a baby and manage the costs of your new baby with ease.

75 Ways to Save Money With a Baby

Planning your first child is an exciting time, but of course it is not a decision that should be taken lightly.

Babies can cost a lot of money and many families find themselves worrying about how they are going to be able to afford everything that a baby needs.

Let me help you with my handy tips . . .

Saving Money During the Planning of Your Baby

Did you know that you can make huge saving on the costs involved with a new baby before you are even expecting? With a bit of forward planning, some cost cutting and making the most of free help and advice that is available you can save a fortune on the costs.

Here are six quick actionable tips on saving money on the cost of a new baby before you are even pregnant.

1. Reduce Your Debts Now – 24% of people who felt financial anxiety before the birth of their first child had long standing financial worries. So before you even start trying for a baby take action to reduce your debts. Try prioritising your most important debts first and even consider consolidating smaller debts into one loan which you can pay monthly. You could also consider switching your credit/store cards to one with a lower interest rate or even one that have 0% interest for a year.

2. Get Your Pregnancy Test For Free – Depending on the brand you buy, pregnancy tests can be expensive and can cost anything up to £10! Save yourself the money and make an appointment to see your doctor when you are late for your period. They will do a pregnancy test for free potentially saving you a fortune in bought tests.

3. Claim Benefits You Are Entitled to – Just because you are employed does not mean that you are not entitled to help from benefits. You may be entitled to working tax credits or other benefits. Use the HMRC tax credits calculator to work out whether you are eligible. Alternatively ring the tax credit helpline on 0345 300 3900 for more information on claiming tax credits. The lines are open 8.00 am to 8.00 pm on Monday to Friday and 8.00 am to 4.00 pm on Saturday.

Stop Girl4. Skip the Pregnancy Books and Magazines – Instead visit your local library and borrow a pregnancy book for free. Better still ask your friends or family if they have any books you can borrow. Pregnancy magazines can be very expensive when bought regularly and are usually just full of adverts anyway! Keep in mind that you will be supplied with many free booklets and magazines containing help and advice throughout your pregnancy.

5. Pick up Your Folic Acid For Free – ASDA supermarket offer free folic acid to expectant mums and for women who are trying for a baby. Folic acid is essential to the development of a baby in the first 12 weeks of pregnancy. You don’t need expensive pre-natal vitamins so save money by eating well and getting your folic acid for free.

6. Cut Back on the Luxuries – Cut out expensive luxuries and put the money towards your baby fund instead. This will get you used to the financial impact new baby will have on your lifestyle and help you to save up at the same time.

Key Takeaways

    • Don’t forget to visit the Money Advice Service to find out ways to reduce and consolidate your debts before you are even expecting.
    • Remember to use the HMRC tax credits calculator to check whether you are eligible to receive working tax credits.
    • You must start taking folic acid now. Pick up yours free from most ASDA stores.

Saving Money Before the Birth of Your Baby

Woman MoneyThere are a variety of ways that you can save money before your first baby is even born. It is a great idea to get into the practice of saving money now, as you can put the extra cash to one side ready for when you baby arrives.

Follow our 12 practical ways that you can start to save money now and get yourself ready for the financial changes that are ahead.

7. Start Your Family Budget Before Your Baby is Even Born – Instead of waiting for when your baby arrives to start thinking about where your money is going, start now. Sit down and calculate your income and your essential expenditures. Make a list of your rent payments, energy bills, food costs and other outgoings and then try to see where you could cut back to save money. Be strict with yourself and set aside a certain amount each month to put away into a savings account. You will be surprised how much you could save up before your baby is even born.

8. Resist the Urge to Buy Baby Clothes too Far in Advance – Buying that cute woolly coat for next winter can be difficult to resist but unless you can accurately see into the future you cannot be really sure that it is going to fit! With over 50% of parents admitting that they threw away baby clothes that weren’t really practical or they didn’t like, it really isn’t worth risking wasting money on.

9. Think Before You Buy – It is so easy to spend a fortune when you go shopping for your new baby. If you have longed for a baby for a while then shopping for baby things can be an exciting experience! But don’t throw caution to the wind and buy one of everything just because it is cute! Over 80% of new parents have admitted buying lots of items for their first child that they did not really need  So before you buy anything for your baby ask yourself, ‘Will I actually use this?’ and ‘Do I really need this?’

10. Remember – People Will Buy You Gifts – Another key thing to remember is that most people love babies and you are likely to receive a lot of gifts from family and friends. You probably won’t have to buy a lot of baby things as other people will buy them for you.

11. Only Buy One or Two Bottles – To start with just buy one or two bottles. You might find that when baby is born, she doesn’t like your choice of bottle and you need to go out and try a different brand. Not to bad if you have only bought a couple of bottles, but a nightmare if you have bought 15!

12. Claim Free Baby Packs – All new mums, regardless of their circumstances are entitled to packs containing samples of nappies, wipes and lotions. The vouchers for these are inside a booklet called ‘Emma’s Diary’ which will be given to you by your midwife when you first let them know you are pregnant. Make sure you use the vouchers in your booklet to claim your freebies.

Man Shopping13. Visit a Nearly New Sale – You can make massive savings on baby clothes by visiting a baby and toddler nearly new sale. These happen all over the country and are advertised locally in shops and on notice boards. Talk to other mums if you are not sure where the ones local to you are. Mums from all over use these sales as an opportunity to sell their nearly new baby clothes and items that have been quickly outgrown. You can pick up great bargains on everything from prams and toys, to baby clothes and blankets.

14. Claim Your Sure Start Maternity Grant – If you are in receipt of certain benefits and this is your first child you could be eligible for a grant of £500 towards the cost of your first child. You don’t have to pay the money back and it is yours to buy things you will need for your baby. Click HERE for details on how to claim.

15. Don’t Waste Money on the Hospital Television – Save money at the hospital by using the time to rest up and not using it to watch television. With the Daily Mail reporting that:

The cost of packages in some hospitals has more than doubled in six years

With some patients paying up to £10 a day to watch TV it makes sense to save your money and bring a book instead. Once your baby is born you will want to use your time to bond together so chances are you won’t miss watching your favourite programmes anyway.

16. Cook and Freeze Meals Ready For Your Newborns First Few Weeks – When your baby arrives you will probably not feel like cooking much and chances are neither will your partner! To save yourselves wasting money on takeaways, use the week before your baby is due cooking batch meals and freezing them in meal sized portions so that you always have something to eat.

17. Ask the Nurses For Any Free Samples – When you have had your baby in hospital you should receive a pack similar to the Mum-To-Be and Bump-to-Baby packs containing free samples and coupons. Make sure you get yours. If the nurses are busy and forget remember to ask for yours.

18. Get Free Fruit, Vegetables and Milk Through the Healthy Start Scheme – Don’t miss out on your healthy start vouchers which you can use to obtain free fruit and vegetables whilst you are pregnant. You can also use them to buy infant milk formula. You may be able to claim these vouchers until your child is 4 years old. Visit the Healthy Start website and see if you and your family qualify.

19. Pack Your Hospital Bag With Breakfast Bars and Drinks – The cost of using the hospital vending machines can soon add up so make sure you pack your hospital bag with a few drinks and healthy snacks in case you get hungry after the birth. When buying for your hospital bag only buy what you really need. Check out our essential hospital bag checklist for details.

Baby Hospital Bag Essentials

Key Takeaways

    • Remember to start budgeting your money before your baby is even born. Use the money you save to put towards the cost of raising your baby when he or she arrives.
    • Instead of buying everything brand new, visit a nearly new sale and save a fortune on baby clothes and other items.
    • Check whether you are eligible for the Sure Start Maternity Grant as you could be entitled to £500 towards the cost of your first baby.

How to Save Money on Baby Stuff

Girl ChecklistBuying everything you need for your new baby may seem like a daunting task and can leave you wondering how you are going to afford it all! But babies do not need as much stuff as you might think. There are many great ways to save money on your baby stuff and here are our top 9 tips for saving money on essential baby items.

20. Swap Baby Items With Your Family and Friends – Chances are you will have friends and family who are having or have had babies at a similar time to you. If you fancy a change of baby items why not swap with your friends rather than going out to buy something new. Swapping just for a change or swapping baby clothing that you just plain do not like is a fantastic way of recycling and also saving money. Give it a try you will save a fortune and your baby will have a new outfit every week!

21. Shop Around For Discounted Items – Try not to buy the first baby things you see. Chances are you will be able to find things cheaper if you do a little shopping around. This is especially true of the more expensive items. Check out different baby stores, local shops, supermarkets and the internet for special deals.

22. Make an Essentials Baby List Before You go Shopping – A shopping list is essential as it will ensure that you don’t spend too much money on things that you don’t really need and will mean that you are less likely to forget to buy anything essential. See our example baby shopping checklist for ideas.

23. Check Out Recycling Websites for Free Baby Items – Websites such as Freecycle often offer baby items absolutely free of charge. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to pick up some of the things you need for free. Many baby items have barely been used.

24. Buy Second Hand Baby Items – You don’t have to buy everything brand new for your baby; many baby items are sold second hand and have barely been used. Ways to find second hand baby items include searching your local newspaper ads, looking at online auction sites such as Ebay and visiting car boot or nearly new sales.

25. Never Buy a Second Hand Car Seat – There are some things that you should never try to save money on by buying second hand and one of these is the car seat. Car seats have expiration dates and if you buy a car seat off somebody you don’t know you have no idea if it has previously been in an accident. A car seat that has been involved in a road traffic accident is no longer considered safe and should be immediately replaced. You cannot put a price on your baby’s life so never try to save money here.

5 baby items you should never buy second hand are:

    • Car Seat.
    • Cot Mattress.
    • Baby Bottles.
    • Breast Pumps.
    • Soft Toys.

 26. Don’t Assume That the Internet Will be Cheaper – When shopping around, don’t forget that stores often have special offers and deals on that you may not be able to find online. Some local stores even offer to beat any like for like prices, even of prices on the internet. Don’t assume that the internet will always be cheaper as this is not always the case.

27. Reconsider Purchasing a Changing Table – There are some items that you will find that you just don’t need. Changing tables might seem like a good idea but as you cannot move them around you might find that you end up changing baby on a changing mat on the floor anyway.

28. Go For a Simple Changing Bag – Changing bags don’t need to be fancy, they just need to be practical and able to hold everything that you need when you go out for the day with your baby. It can be all too tempting to spend a fortune on a pretty designer bag, but you will find that once you are in a busy routine with your new little one you hardly even look at your changing bag anyway!

75 Ways to Save Money With a Baby

Key Takeaways

    • Remember; one of the best ways to stop yourself spending too much money is by making a list of essential baby items and sticking to it. Use our list as a guide.
    • Don’t forget to check out websites such as Freecycle to find second hand baby items for free.
    • Never buy an item that you are not going to use. Items like changing tables often look nice in the nursery but are not practical as the baby is rarely changed upstairs.

More Money Savings Tips Before the Birth of a Baby

There has never been better reason to look after yourself than when you are pregnant. Every pregnant woman is entitled to certain things free. Read on to see what you are entitled to during pregnancy.

29. Take Advantage of Your Free Dental Treatment – One of the advantages to being pregnant is that you are entitled to free dental treatment on the NHS. Your teeth may suffer a lot of damage during the first three months of pregnancy due to morning sickness, so book your appointment to see a dentist as early as possible.

30. Make Sure You Receive Your Maternity Exemption Card – Pregnant women are entitled to free prescriptions for the duration of their pregnancy and a year after their baby is born. Take advantage by ensuring that you receive your Maternity Exemption card. You should fill in a form the first time you see the midwife to let them know that you are pregnant. If you don’t make sure you mention it at your next appointment.

31. Give up Smoking – Smoking is not only bad for your health and bad for your baby’s health, it is also bad for your wallet! If you smoke just 5 cigarettes a day, you could save well over £700 in just 12 months by quitting! There has never been a better time to quit smoking so start saving money today!

Key Takeaway

    • Make sure you receive your Maternity Exemption card so that you can receive free dental treatment and free prescriptions.

Budgeting For a Newborn Baby

Budgeting For a New BabyHaving a new baby is one of the most exciting, and yet financially worrying, times of your life. There is no denying that babies cost a lot of money from food and clothing to toys and everything else that the baby stores would have you believe that you need. With research suggesting that parents spend over £5000 on their first child before they are even one year old, it is no wonder that a new baby can leave parents with financial anxiety. But having a baby can cost you less than you think.

Don’t be fooled by big brands high priced advertising campaigns, a lot of what we think of as essentials are far from it. When it comes to the real essentials don’t make the mistake of buying too much. When it comes to newborn babies you really can have too much of a good thing!

Here are our 5 easy to follow top tips on how to save money on your baby right from the moment they are born.

32. Send an E-Birth Announcement – When you want to start sharing the news of your new arrival to family and friends, send an email birth announcement rather than spending a lot of money on little personalised cards. E-birth announcement designs can be downloaded for free and personalised by you ready to send to hundreds of people for no cost! It’s even cheaper and easier than printing your own. 

33. Don’t Buy Too Much Cot Bedding – Cot bumpers, pretty matching duvets and pillows can all seem very sweet and the temptation can be to buy loads of these cute things to decorate the cot out with. But chances are baby won’t even get to use them! Pillows and duvets are not safe to use with babies under the age of 1 and using them can increase the risk of sudden infant death syndrome. The same is true of cot bumpers, as although they look pretty, baby can get tangled up in the fastenings. Instead, save your money and just buy plain white blankets to cover your snug fitting cot mattress and follow the guidelines to keeping your baby safe in his cot.

34. Remember to Register Your Babies Birth – This is very important as there is a deadline of 42 days by which to register your baby’s birth. Registering your child’s birth is easy, but if you forget to do it then you could face a fine of up to £200! An extra cost that any parent would do well to avoid.

Register your child’s birth at your local register office or at the hospital before mother and baby leaves. Registering your child is free of charge but if you would like a birth certificate then there is a small charge of £4 for this.

35. Have You Claimed Your Child Benefit? – To claim child benefit all you have to do is complete a child benefit form. You can check eligibility and download the forms by visiting this page.

36. Talk to Experienced Mums About What You Really Need – If you are not sure whether or not you are going to need something then talk to someone who knows. Other experienced mums no doubt bought things they didn’t really need for their first child and can pass on their knowledge to you.

37. Avoid the Non Essentials – Don’t buy something that is non essential and is only going to be used for a couple of weeks. Some items for newborns are expensive to buy and only last for a couple of weeks because they are quickly outgrown. Items like a Moses basket are expensive and non essential as a newborn baby can sleep in their cot from birth. Save your money and only buy things that your baby really needs.

Key Takeaways

    • When your baby is born send out an e-birth announcement. They are free and easy to make and save a fortune in cards and ink.
    • Always remember to register your child’s birth. If you forget to do so before your baby is 42days old then you could face a fine of up to £200!

Save Money on Baby Clothing

Girl ShoppingBabies need a lot of clothes and lots of clothes can cost a lot of money. But did you know that there are some very simple ways to cut the cost of getting enough clothes for your baby?

Here are our 7 practical ways you can save money on baby clothes.

38. Don’t Buy Too Many Baby Clothes – Resist the temptation to buy too many clothes. Did you know that a baby will wear an item of clothing, on average, just 12 times! We all know that newborn babies grow very quickly and as a result they are not in their newborn clothes for very long. Many parents have admitted to buying so many clothes for their newborn baby that some of them didn’t even get worn! So don’t fall into the same trap. Only buy what you really need and save your money for when your baby is older.

39. Keep Newborn Clothes Neutral – Try to keep the majority of baby clothes you buy neutral so that you can use them again in the future if you plan to have anymore children.

40. Don’t Splash the Cash on Designer Clothing – There is no need to spend a fortune on designer clothes because your baby doesn’t know if he is wearing this year’s must-have label or the supermarket’s finest!

41. Remember – Friends and Family Will Want to Buy Baby Gifts – Your family and friends are likely to be almost as excited as you are about the arrival of your new little one. So when you go shopping for baby things make sure that you don’t buy too much stuff as you will probably receive a lot of gifts. In fact research shows that almost three quarters of clothes for babies are bought as gifts!

42. Accept ‘Hand-Me-Downs’ – Amazingly only around 50% of first time mums would accept ‘hand-me downs’ from other families! This is surprising as many baby clothes have hardly been worn and some haven’t been worn at all! Accepting second hand baby clothes can save you a fortune, especially as anything you buy brand new will not look brand new for very long!

43. Don’t Buy Expensive Shoes For Babies – Babies don’t need shoes, not before they start walking anyway. And it is a common fact that babies will learn to walk easier and faster in their bare feet when indoors. So save your money now, and use it later on to buy good quality, fitted shoes when your baby really needs them.

44. Buy Plain White Vest Instead of Fancy Colourful Ones – Plain white vests are an essential baby item that you must have in your baby’s wardrobe. Vests do not need to be fancy because they are usually hidden under a layer of other clothing anyway. Don’t be fooled into wasting money buying colourful branded vests that are going to get puked on, or covered in poo!

Plain white vests can be bleached for next to no cost at all whereas pretty colourful vests, which you are rarely going to be able to see, will need to be cleaned with expensive stain removers. And chances are they won’t stay all that pretty for very long!

Key Takeaways

    • Remember not to get carried away buying too many baby clothes as babies grow so fast that many of their clothes may remain unworn.
    • Don’t forget that your friends and family will most likely buy you gifts when the baby arrives. So bare this in mind when you go shopping for your baby!
    • You can save a lot of money by always accepting second hand baby clothes from other mothers so never reject the offer of hand-me-downs.

Save Money on the Pram

Prams are an expensive purchase but a necessary one. Even on something as expensive as a pram you can save a fortune.

Read our 3 top recommendations and see how much you could save.

45. Borrow a Pram From Friends or Family – If there is a specific type of pram you really like the look of then make sure you test drive it before you buy. If one of your friends or family already have the pram you would like them ask them if you can take it out and see if you like the feel of it. Also, ask them what they like about it and what they don’t like. You might find that you struggle to push the pram you were considering purchasing or that it just won’t suit your needs. By doing a little research beforehand you can avoid buying the wrong pram and making an expensive mistake. This is especially true if you end up having to buy another pram.

46. Consider Your Pram Requirements Before Making a Expensive Purchase – It is easy to choose a pram based on looks alone but remember that not all prams are the same and you should consider your requirements before purchasing one. Think specifically about your lifestyle and how often and for how long you will be using the pram. If you want to do a lot of walking and will rarely need to put it in the car then a big, sturdy pram made for walking over different terrains would be the option for you. If you are going to need to put it in the car everyday then you are going to want a pram that is lightweight and will fold up neatly and fit easily into your car boot.

 47. Remember Cheaper isn’t Always Better – Be very careful when buying prams over auction sites, especially if the price seems too good to be true. Some models of pram for sale are fakes, made to look like the real thing when in reality they are not. A cheaper pram may not be a very high quality and therefore may not last as long as you need it to, meaning you end up buying another pram later on. Always do your research so that you can get a pram that is good value for money.

Key Takeaway

    • Before you even start looking at prams ask yourself questions about your lifestyle and what requirements you are looking for out of a pram. Buying the wrong type of pram can be an expensive mistake if you need to buy another one after the baby is born.

Save Money On Feeding and Changing Your Baby

Saving MoneyThere is no denying it, the cost of feeding and changing your baby are likely to be two of the biggest day to day expenses that come along with your baby. But even with these two essential categories there are great ways to save money.

Being prepared and not relying too much on disposable products can really pay dividends.

Here are our best 7 ways to save money on the cost of nappies and feeding your baby.

48. Consider Buying Cloth Nappies – Cloth nappies are said to be better for the environment and although they are a bigger initial outlay they could save you money in the long run. It is estimated that cloth nappies could save you up to £500 per child compared to the cost of disposables. Cloth nappies can also be reused for any subsequent children you may have. Remember to factor in the cost of the energy and water involved in washing the nappies.

49. Turn Down the Temperature When Washing Nappies – Just by turning down the washing machine from 90C to 60C you can use up to a third less energy. Most modern nappy washing chemicals are designed to work just as well at the lower temperature.

50. Buy Supermarket Own Brand Nappies Rather Than Expensive Brand Names – Supermarket own brand nappies can be just as good as brand name nappies and are often much better value for money. Rather than automatically buying brand name nappies try some of the supermarket own brand and see if you can save a fortune by downgrading on your choice of nappy.

51. Keep an Emergency Baby Bag in the Car – By keeping a bag of emergency nappies, baby wipes and an extra babygro in your car you can save yourself the expense of having to buy just one or two nappies whilst you are out for the day if you find that you have run out or you forget to take your changing bag with you.

52. Save Money by Breastfeeding – Breastfeeding can save a significant amount of money when compared to exclusively formula feeding a baby. It is estimated that it costs around £250 to exclusively bottle feed a baby infant formula. Breastfeeding is great for your baby’s health and is essentially free making it a great way to save money if you can.

53. Buy Supermarket Own Brand Formula – Supermarket infant formulas have everything that a growing baby needs. The big brand names might try to convince you that nothing less than their product will do, but this simply isn’t true. If you have to bottle feed your baby then consider buying a supermarket own brand of formula and save yourself a fortune.

54. Make Your Own Baby Food – Rather than buying little expensive glass jars of baby food consider making it yourself. You can blend or grind cooked vegetables and fruit into purees at home, being careful not to add any salt to your baby’s meal. You could even make batches of baby food and then freeze them into little ice cube molds, popping out a couple in the morning ready for your baby’s lunch. You could even mash foods such as sweet potatoes and bananas with a fork for your baby to try.

Key Takeaways

    • Did you know that choosing cloth nappies could save you £500 per child when compared with disposables?
    • Breastfeeding your baby is great for their health and best of all it is free. Consider breastfeeding your baby if you can.

Money Saving Tips on Day to Day Costs

The day to day costs of looking after your little one are bound to add up and it can seem hard to see where you can make savings on everyday bills and essential costs.

But it can be done and we have compiled a list of 11 easy and actionable tips that every family can follow!

55. Save Money by Bulk Buying – When a product that you use a lot comes on offer take advantage and bulk buy. It might seem expensive initially but the savings will soon add up. You will only save money this way if this was a product that you use regularly.

56. Create and Stick to a Family Budget – One of the best ways to work out where your money is going is to sit down and work out a family budget. Make sure to include all of your bills so that you can make sure that your outgoings are not exceeding your income. Use this budget to work out ways you could cut back and non-essential things that you could save money on.

57. Economise on Your Family Food Bill – Making a shopping list before you hit the supermarket is one of the easiest ways to save money. Allow yourself a certain amount of your family budget for food and stick to it. Try shopping at your local market for cheaper fruit and veg.

58. Save Money For Your Baby in a High Interest Bank Account – If you plan to put money away every month for your baby, or your baby receives gifts of cash when she is born, make sure you put the money into a high interest account in her name. Speak to your bank for the best tax free options for your baby so that you make any money she has worth even more.

Man Gift59. Return Unwanted Gifts as Soon as Possible – If you receive a gift that you are not going to use, or any duplicate gifts, make sure that you take them back to the store as soon as possible. You may be able to get a refund or an exchange saving you money on other things that you need. If you leave it too long then you may miss out on the opportunity to return the item. You can always send your partner to do it if you don’t feel up to doing it yourself!

60. Sell Anything You Don’t Need Anymore – Once you have finished with your newborn baby items sell them on. Online auction websites or nearly new sales are great places to sell your barely used baby goods. The extra income that you make can be used to purchase anything else that you need for your baby as he grows.

61. Share the Babysitting With Family and Friends – Childcare can be costly so why not share childcare with your family and friends. You could take it in turns to watch each others children, giving your baby a playmate for the afternoon and saving you valuable money. If you do decide to choose paid childcare check out the options that are available to you to see which type is the best value for money for your lifestyle.

62. Improvise and Reuse – Try to be thrifty and think of other things you can use your baby items for once you have finished with them. For instance, an old baby blanket can be cut up and used as cloths and the little glass baby jars can be used to store spices.

63. Think Outside the Box – Look for alternatives outside of the baby section; such as nappy bags, cotton wool and muslin cloths. For some reason when retailers put the word ‘baby’ in front of any given product it also comes with a higher price tag. Things like nappy bags and cotton wool are often hiked up in price if you buy them from the baby section. Take a look in the cosmetic section and notice that cotton wool is considerably cheaper. Buy cheap food bags, or doggy bags, instead of expensive nappy bags. There are loads of expensive baby items that you can easily find a cheaper alternative to.

64. Use Fewer Baby Wipes – There’s no denying that baby wipes can be handy, but the cost of them soon adds up. If you are changing nappies at home, consider using fewer baby wipes and use a clean muslin cloth and warm water instead to clean baby up.

65. Sign Up to Baby Clubs and Mailing Lists – Baby clubs often have access to special offers and competitions for new mothers so sign up to as many as you can. You can receive emails with great deals and vouchers for money off baby products helping you to save money on all the little things you need.

Key Takeaways

    • Always save money by buying items you use everyday in bulk.
    • Save on childcare costs by sharing the babysitting duties with your family and friends.
    • Look for cheaper alternatives on baby care products such as nappy bags and cotton wool.

Save Money on Days Out With Your Baby

Girl TelescopeIt is only natural to want to take your baby out and about with you. Days out don’t need to cost you a fortune.

Here are our 5 easy ways to make going out for the day cheaper.

66. Babies and Toddlers go Free – Look for days out where babies and toddlers go free. Many zoos and other attractions allow babies and toddlers to go free so take advantage of this when planning your days out. Check in advance whether your child will be able to get in for free.

67. Visit Indoor Play Areas That Are Free For Under Two’s – Many indoor play areas are free for children under 2 years of age. Visiting an indoor play area is a great way for your toddler to let off some pent up energy and if you go with friends you can take it in turns to watch the kids play.

68. Search For Money Off Vouchers When Planning a Day Out – Keep your eye out for 2 for 1 offers on days out that you can earn by collecting vouchers off cereal boxes and other day-to-day items. Tesco also run a promotion where you can trade £2.50 of your Tesco points in for £10 off a day out! Don’t pay more than you need to for a day out when a little forward planning can save you a lot of money.

69. Take Your Own Packed Lunches and Drinks on Days Out – Buying lunch and snacks for the whole family on a day out can cost a small fortune. So instead, why not create a packed lunch before you go. You can make it fun for the little ones by having a picnic on the grass. Don’t forget to make up your own drinks before you set off as bottled drinks can cost a lot of money.

70. Check For Free Days Out Locally – Many museums are free of charge to enter so don’t miss out on free days out in your locality. Check online or at your local information centre for details of places that have free entry. Remember that you can always visit the seaside or parks for a fun free day out!

Key Takeaways

    • Don’t forget to check cereal boxes for promotions on days out with the family and remember that you can trade in your Tesco vouchers for money off loads of great days out!
    • Always save money by taking a packed lunch on your day out instead of buying it from a café or restaurant.

Saving Money as Your Baby Gets Older

As your baby grows and gets older, his needs will begin to change. You may fear that your little one is becoming more expensive but there are ways in which you can cut back the costs.

Here are 3 of our tips on how to save money on your toddler:

71. Make Your Own Toys and Games – On average a baby costs first time parents almost £800 in new toys, games and books before they are one year old. And how many times have parents bought expensive toys for their little ones only to watch them play for hours with the box! So use a little imagination and turn a large cardboard box into a car or make your own telephones with 2 clean yoghurt pots and a piece of string! Always supervise babies when they are playing.

72. There is no Need to Buy Expensive Toddler Formula Milk – Once a baby a year old they do not need expensive follow-on formula milk as they will get most of the nutrients they need from the food they are eating. Save your money and give your toddler full fat cows’ milk instead.

73. Make Use of Your Local Library – Children’s books can be expensive and it is likely that your child will get bored of them very quickly. So visit your local library and borrow children’s books for free. You can take the books back once a week or so and swap them for new ones so that you always have something new to read to your little one.

Key Takeaway

    • A great way to save money is to turn your hand at making your own toys. There are a host of ideas and tips online on how to turn ordinary household objects into fun play things.

Save Money Getting Back in to Shape After the Birth of Your Baby

Keeping Fit on a BudgetMost women are concerned about getting back into shape after they have had their baby. Getting into shape can be expensive but it doesn’t have to be.

We have 2 great tips to help you get fit again whilst saving you money!

74. Sign Up For Free Gym Trials – A lot of gyms offer free open days or gym trials. Find out if any of the gyms in your area do this and take advantage. You don’t need to be talked into an expensive gym membership, just take what tips you learn home with you and put them into practice.

75. Make Friends With Other Mums and Exercise at Home Together – It’s no fun exercising at home alone so why not team up with other mums and make an afternoon of it? You could borrow an exercise video or exercise along to some dance music whilst enjoying the company of other new mums. Try to get into the habit of doing this once a week. It will help you lose some baby weight and best of all its free!


Quick Round Up on Ways to Save Money With a Baby

I hope you enjoyed my list of tips for saving money with a baby, hopefully there will be some actionable takeaways for most people. Just for fun I decided to make a quick infographic on some of the interesting and often surprising facts and figures accompanying the costs of raising a new baby.

budgeting for a baby infographic

Please let me know if you have any other ways to save money with a baby that I have not mentioned. I am always interested in any baby budget tips. Let me know in the comments below what your top tips are.

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